Is your Bank or Credit Union in compliance with Texas law?

Chapter 59, Subchapter B, Section 110 of the Texas Finance Code

Chapter 125, Subchapter F, Section 508 of the Texas Finance Code (Credit Union)

Requires that safe deposit box keys issued by a financial organization must be imprinted with the organization’s routing number. *This law also applies to all banks operating in Texas whose home office is out of state.*

This law was initially intended to aid the FBI and DEA when attempting to find the location of a suspect’s box. The true benefit of this law has enabled a countless number of people to locate a deceased family member’s safe deposit box containing important documents such as wills, insurance papers, stocks, bonds, birth certificates, as well as family heirlooms, jewelry and money.

Routing Number Stamp

Holder with metal die engraved with your financial organization’s routing number; hammer included. Used to stamp routing number on safe deposit box keys in compliance with Texas law.

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Safe Deposit Dual Control Key System

I. Sealed Key Envelope

The tamper-proof locking key envelope is the heart of the dual control system. After a lock has been serviced the keys are placed in a marked AdvanceTec locking envelope. Upon a new rental, your customer must sign the envelope and break the seal. This envelope demonstrates the fact that the keys and the lock have not been handled or tampered with by any of your financial center employees.

This system has been designed to meet today’s demanding audit, compliance and security issues.


II. Safe Deposit Control Card File

The 3×5 index cards are color coded by box size and list the chronological history of the box showing the renter’s name, rental date, release date and lock service date. The cards are arranged numerically within the file according to the box status: Available, Rented, Need Service, Status Unknown.

With this system, a physical in-house audit can be easily completed by comparing the available control cards with the sealed key envelopes and comparing the rented control cards with the box lease agreements.


III. Sealed Key Storage Cabinet

(large cabinet available only in Texas)

This cabinet contains all the Tec sealed key envelopes to your available boxes. The envelopes are filed numerically. The top drawer is for the key return envelopes. When a box is surrendered the customer signed and places the keys in a special key return envelope. The envelope is then deposited through the slot on the key return drawer. At the appropriate time, an AdvanceTec Service Technician will remove the returned keys, rotate/service the lock, place the keys in a new sealed envelope and update the control card.

Large Cabinet: $750.00 – Holds 1,200 envelopes
Small Cabinet: $350.00 – Holds 175 envelopes

Lock rotation is a proven method to reduce your potential in allowing an unauthorized box entry.


Additional Compliance information:


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